To reserve a Siberian husky from us, first, we would like you to contact us by phone or email and we could have more discussion of your eligibility.


Siberian Husky


We thank you for being interested in our breeding programme. To procede with the right choice of your futur companion, we would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:




phone number: _______________________________________________________________________


Are you interested in : Puppy / Adult dog / Champion / Male / Female

Desired color: Black/white / Grey/white / Red/white

Is it your first siberian husky ?_____________________________________________________

Is it your first dog?_______________________________________________________________

Presently, do you have a dog, a cat or other animals? If yes specify:_______________________

For what reason are you interested to obtain one of our siberian husky?
Companion / Showdog / Obedience / Other_______________________________________

How have you been refered to us?____________________________________________________

What qualities do you like to see in a SH?______________________________________________

What don't you want to see in a SH?_________________________________________________

Have you looked at our sale conditions:________________________________________________

Do you commit yourself to take care of this dog for his entired life?____________________________

Have you ever had to euthanize a dog? If yes, why?__________________________________________

Do you commit yourself to neutered this dog?______________________________________________


You and your family:

Are you? Married / Single

Your age?__________________

Do you have any children?_________Their age?________________________________________

Adults occupation?________________________________________________________________

Who other than yourself, will be in contact with the dog at your home?__________________________

Where will the dog remains during the whole day?______________ and at night?__________________
Where do you live? Town / Country / House / Appartment

Do you have a fenced backyard?________________________________________________________

Will the dog be attached to a chain or will he have his own kennel?_____________________________

NB: All the above informations remains confidential and can only be used by Seadream reg'd. We thank you for your collaboration.

A $100.00 deposite is required with any serious reservation. This deposite is not redeemable, unless we are unable to supply you with a puppy. Make the check under the
name of Manon Parent



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