Manon Parent, biologist Champion breeder

Manon Parent has a degree in Biology. She is a member of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and also the Director and representative of the Siberian Husky Club of Canada for the Quebec region.

She established her Seadream breeding in 1992 with registered Siberian Huskies of high quality originating from United States and Canada. She jumped with both feet in her undertaking, that is to breed exclusively magnificent Siberian Huskies which equally maintains their qualities and skills of working dogs in order to do her passion and the sport of sledding.

In addition to participating at exhibition championships, she devotes herself during winter, sledding with her pack in very nice paths or to acquire titles for working dogs. Futhermore, she gave from 2006 to 2008 voluntary rids to handicap people at "Cité Joie" Winter day located in Beauport Québec city.

Manon also gives voluntary every 2 years in Ormstow, Qc pending snow condition, sledding seminar to begginers. She wants to transmit her passion and good start and tips to lovers of this sport.

Her livestock is constituted about ten pure bred dogs registered at CKC and/or AKC. Amongst those dogs, all the ones capable of reproducing (2 to 7 years old) owns a Canadian champion title (Can.CH) or american (Am.CH), a working dog title (WD),sled dog title (SD, SDX) and are certified for hips (OFA) and eyes (CERF).

Her goal is to improve her livestock by selecting the best breeding candidates or by acquiring high quality sires from Canadians or Americans champion breeders. She equally participates in the development of DNA test by supplying the Laboratory of Molecular Medicine and Canine Genetic, Michigan University, USA with samples of canine epithelial cells for the purpose of identifying the
healthy carriers of juvenile cataract. Her priorities: conformation, temperament, genetic baggage and the desire to work.

She went to the United States (NY) to take training on Siberian Husky conformation and evaluation with the SHCA, also the workshop on "Structure in Action/Puppy puzzle, the structural evaluation of eight week old puppies" gaven by the famous Pat Hasting. In addition, she attended conferences on animal reproduction and thyroid gland gaven by Dr. A. Stock reproductive specialiste. Manon also attend the following seminars: "Canine reproduction & whelping and puppy intensive care" by Myra Savant-Harris RN and "How to breed better dogs that win" by Dr.Carmen Battaglia, Américain judge in conformation and spécialist in pedigree reading.

The Seadream puppies are raised in a stable environment and are sold with the unique purpose of serving as companion dog. Consequently, they are registered by the CKC with a non-breeding agreement and must be neutered withing 6 months old. We produce 1 or 2 litters a years for our relief team and to serious owner only as companion or for sport activities.

Manon is a dynamic person who provides an objective and quality service. An excellent written guarantee accompanies the sale contract as well as post-sale service. At Seadream reg'd, there exist also a return policy because we do want any of our bred Siberian Huskies to end up at the pound, in an animal shelter or in some pet shops.

A dog is a lifetime investment and responsibility. A serious breeder gives first consideration to the well-being of the puppy as appose to his wallet.

For further information, please communicate with Manon at the following phone number (450) 787 1135 or by e-mail.........
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