Date de naissance/DOB :13 juillet 07

Hanches/Hips: Good / Bonne

Yeux/Eyes : Normaux/Clear

Saga finish her championship at 11 months with a group placement, now retired and neutered. She lives in Ottawa with her new owners

1st place Novice USA National Speciality 2008

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Arrières grands-parents
Greats grands-parents

 A.A grands-parents
G.G. grands-parents


Hank De Ciukci

AmCh. Karnovanda's Alexander Wolf

Multi-BIS.BISS.AmCanCh. Karnovanda's Niklas Wolf

AmCh. Karnovanda's The life of Riley

AmCh. Karnovanda's Partly Cloudy

Karnovanda's Inca Dove

 Wildestar's eagle dancer

AmCh.Karnovanda's Once in a Blue Moon

AmCh. Karnovanda's Bree Anna

AmCh. Karnovanda's Wonderful Wizard

 AmCh. Karnovanda's Ezekiel

AmCh. Karnovanda's Glenda the good

AmCh.Wildestar's Kaila'N Kreme

 AmCh. Kaila's Temujin of Innisfree

Kaila's chambrae


NordJv-03 Qashiwas going for Gold

Cry out Public Enemy

Int ESCH EUW-99 NORDV-00 Missing on the Pack Della Farha


Camilla Della Farha

Cry out

ITCH Viewystoryteller Del Gran Canyon

Pretty Of Artic sun 

Qashiwas Born Free

JInt.N.DK.BIS.Norw.Ch.Nord. W-98, JWW-98, N&S-W99, SV-99 Desloupiots Wesson O'Innisfree

 Innisfree's Sharpshotter

Innisfree's Kandy

New Gold dream Di Val celesia

 ITCH Viewystoryteller Del Gran Canyon

Molli Di Val Celesia

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