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Our males, retired or showed

Ch.Seadream's Northwest passenger, WD,TT


Seadream's Midnight Express,SD,WD,TT


 Frozen Semen: Victor, Kunju

Our females, retired or showed

BIS.BPIS.BPISS.Am.CH.CanGrCh.ChElite.FCC. Teeghan of Siberian Lady, SDX,WD, TT,AOM


Animo program Radio-Canada

Ch.Seadream's Borealis Express,WD


Ch.Seadream's LiliSimone,SDX,WD,TT


Retired Dogs and / or to dog show

Ch.Seadream's Alpha Roméo,SDX,WD,TT

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Ch.Seadream's Victoire de l'âge, WD,TT


France Castel & Michel Barette TV program

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Ch.Seadream's Boreal Express, SDX,WLD,TT


Brigade Animo program Radio-Canada
Clic to see Hero pedigree

BPIS.Ch.Seadream's Riding the Dragon, SDX,WD,TT


Ch.Trillium Blues Victory to Luv, WD

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Ch.Okami's in my Dream,WD,TT


Seadream's Take the lead


Capital one- trapper Stars 
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 Ch.Seadream's Red Carpet,SDX,WLD,TT


 BPISS.Ch.Trillium Blues Romance Heritage,WD,TT



 Seadream's Ice N'go, SD,WD


 Ch.Okami's on the double,SDX,WD,TT


 Sibersong's Private Dancer,SDX,WLD,TT


Our Dogs from the past

Ch. Desloupiots O'Hara Of Seadream, Can.SDX, WLD,TT

26-05-98 to 22-09-04

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Frozen semen available
Fido Stars and 
Cornemuse TQS

MULTI-BIS Am.Can.Ch. Cedarstone Seadream Navygator, Am.SD,Can.SDX, TT, WLD, AOM

17-10-96 au 13-05-09




Kimlan's Mirka Seadream

06-02-93 to 11-11-03

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Ch. Seadream's Ice Cream, Am.SD,TT Can.SDX,WLD

28-12-98 to 30-05-06

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 Ch. Northern Lights Naanouk Seadream, Can.SD,WD

04-09-96 to 01-12-08

 Clic to see Tahoe pedigree

 Ch. Northern Lights Tahoe Seadream, Can.SD, WD,TT

28-03-94 to 21-10-09

 Clic to see Iky pedigree

Ch. Seadream's Iky Pür Attraction, WD,TT

22-12-95 to 03-08-11

 Clic to see Vlad pedigree

 Ch.Highlander's Vladimir at Seadream, AOM, SDX,WD, TT

29-03-06 to 22-03-12

Clic to see Troïka pedigree

 Ch. Seadream's Y2K Pür Attraction, Am.SD, Can.SDX,WD

21-07-99 to 22-03-12

 Clic to see Kunju pedigree

 Ch. Seadream's Black Jack, Can.SDX, WLD,TT

21-07-99 au 08-10-12


 Clic to see Naya pedigreeFido Stars

 Ch.Seadream's Naya Bluewave,SD,WD,TT

14-03-02 to 06-05-13

 Clic to see Sablon pedigree

 Kimlan's Blanc Sablon, SDX, WD

17-05-03 to 22-5-13

 Clic to see Yanook pedigree

 Ch.Seadream's Icebreaker, SDX,WLD,TT

15-01-2006 to 11-07-2016

 Clic to see Nautica pedigree

 Ch.Seadream's Nautica, SD,WLD,TT

26-07-2004 to 06-2016


Fido Stars

 Ch.Seadream's Kommodore at Keekawa,WD

14-03-02 au 27-10-16

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