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Seadream Perm.reg'd is dedicated to the preservation of the pure bred Siberian Husky.

Our goal is, at first, to improve the breed; the conformation, the health, the temperament, the genetic stock or the desire to work. Seadream is active in breeding champions (conformation)and working dog (working team dog certification) in Canada and United States since 1992. Member of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and Quebec director of the Siberian Husky club Of Canada (SHCC). We strongly adhere the code of conduct.

Seadream has received his permanent registration (perm reg'd) with CKC in 2003 to have bred purebred dogs and maintain CKC membership for a minimum period of 10 consecutive years, never been subjected to disciplinary action and has owned and /or bred not less than 5 dogs registered to each of which the CKC has granted a title and the registered name of these dogs includes the kennel permanent registration name.

**Recent News**

**Available puppy ** Teeghan et Flash, SDX completed, winter 2017 Midnight, SD completed, winter 2017 Meghan, WD completed, winter 2017 _____ USA national speciality October 2016 Teeghan, Award of merit _____ Midnight, WD completed, winter 2016 _____ Roméo, Mid, Nomad,Teeghan, Flash, Ruth, Tina et LiliSimone, TT completed, June 2015 USA regional speciality May 2015 Teeghan, Winner female 5pts major - AMERICAN CHAMPION _____ Romeo, Tina and LiliSimone, SDX completed, winter 2015 Sotchi, SD completed, winter 2015 _____ Teeghan: Best In Show ( BIS) FCC, August 14 Teeghan: Grand Champion canadian (GrCh) and Champion Elite FCC, August 14 _____ Canada National speciality July 2014 Teeghan: Best opposite sexe (BOS) Teeghan et Nomad: Best Brace in show Nomad: 3e Breeder sweeps Fame: 2e bred by class _____ Canada Regional speciality July 2014 Teeghan: Best opposite sexe (BOS) et Best working dog Teeghan et Nomad: Best Brace in show Alex: Best overall sled dog Fame: 3e bred by class Sotchi: 3e - 6-9 mois puppy class _____ Nomad, Canadian Champion , June 14 _____ Teeghan and Flash, SD completed, winter 2014 Canada regional spéciality July 2013 Teeghan: AOM Nautica: Best ins show - Altered dogs Alex: Best ovrall sled dog _____ Flash, Canadian Champion , June 13 _____ USA regional speciality May 2013 Teeghan, Best of Winners 4pts major _____ Ruth, Canadian Champion, May 13 _____ Fame, SDX completed, winter 2013 LiliSimone, Tina, Nautica and Roméo, SD completed, winter 2013 Ruth, Roméo and Flash, WD completed, winter 2013 _____


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Mannsville Quest 2008 USA - 6 dogs 15.5 miles

Victor and Manon at the Westminster !


Victor can be proud because he is the first canadian bred Siberian Husky to be honoured at the famous dog show held on february 10th, 2003 in New York at the Madison Square Garden.

This dog show (2500 dogs entered) is the most
prestigious of North America and is limited
to dogs who have earned their American
Championship, Victor has it. Handle exclusively by Manon , they made all of us proud in Canada by winning an AWARD OF MERIT.
Our kennel is registered with "Recueil des éleveurs de champions" (champion breeder website)


CKC member


Quebec area director of the Siberian Husky Club of Canada



Permit Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu
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