Siberian Husky Club Of canada SHCC Code of Conduct


To remain a member in good standing, the following rules must adhere to by SHCC members as acondition of membership.In order to represent and protect the registered Siberian husky and promote responsuble breeding practices in an effort to improve the breed within the framework of the CKC approved standard; to the best of my ability I will:

1) Follow the rules of good sportsmanship in all Siberian Husky event.

2) Attempt to help and befriend and educate novice exhibitors, racers, and breeders.

3) Fully explain to all prospective Siberian Husky purchasers, the disavantages, as well as the advantages of owning a Siberian Husky.

4) Attempt to maintain my animals in safe clean environnement, keeping in mind the physical and mental well being; by providing proper nutrition, immunization, socialization and adequate attention to introduce maximum health.

5) Keep up to date on information in the field of genetics and work persistently to eliminate hereditary defects from the breed and my breeding program.

6) Have all breeding stock x-rayed clear of hips dysplasia prior to breeding and submit for certification by either a Canadian or foreign certifying body.

7) Have all breeding stock checked clear of hereditary eye defects annually, by a certified veterinary ophtalmologist.

8) Insist on the above certifications on any animals presented for breeding and will refuse any breeding where they are not present.

9) Only breed dogs and bitches that are healthy and of good temperament and free of hereditary defects. Animals will not be bred under 2 years of age and bitches will not normally be bred more than once per year.

10) Promptly register all puppies bred. Keep and pass on to the buyers of puppies and dogs current and up to date health record and records of all pertinent hereditary faults. Recommend the spaying or altering of pet stock, including any animals with hereditary defects, and require the altering of monorchid or cryptorchid dogs.

11) Refuse to deal with or sell, donate or consign puppies to pet shops wholesalers or retailers, dog dealers, laboratories or raffles. I will include in all contracts that no Siberian Husky resulting from mating will be wholesaled or sold to pet shops.

12) Not breed Siberian Huskies to unregistered dogs, nor will I allow others to use my dogs for such a purpose.

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